Open Data for Academics

I will join panel discussion at Open Data for academics event. This event is organized by Open Knowledge Sweden,  Wkimedia Sweden and KTH Visualisation Department. If you are interested to Open Data and from academia I think you should not miss this event.

what are we going to discuss during this day? I can give you some brief info:


Open Data is quickly gaining ground and have the potential to change society in major ways. But what will this major change entail? What will the effect be for you as a researcher? Will it just mean more work? Or will Open Data be valuable for future research? How can you as a researcher contribute or take advantage of this development? How can linked open data be useful for academics? With increasing demands that the research results should benefit and inform society, how can academics reach out with their data to the general public? Can greater access of Open Data and Open Access publications create possibilities for academics in developing countries?

And even if we have all kind of data, how do we make sense of it? What is needed to make it understandable and interesting?

Three thought-provoking presentations and a panel discussion by some of the most progressive thinkers in the area will be highlighting different aspects of the use and re-use of Open Data for academics.

A cool month long contest will be presented during the event. Don’t miss it!

All registered participants will get a light lunch. Please observe that there is a limited amount of seats, so sign up right away!

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