Summary of 2016 for Open Knowledge Sweden

This the post that is we submit to OKI website.

Year 2016 was a productive year this year. We would like to list some of these projects below.

Open Knowledge Sweden  (OKSweden) collaborated with KTH- Royal Institute of Technologies Industrial Marketing and Entrepreneurship Division and Wikimedia sponsored us and we held award ceremony at KTH ITM Schools Indek Building. Project Manager was Asmen Gul and we are planning to have it every year.

We received much positive feedback and there were several press releases after our event. We can easily say that it was the event we received the most attention. You can get more information regarding the award, jury, categories, and winners from here.


Third of May we launched first FOI website, (AskTheState). Mattias Axel was project manager. It is important for us because we launched it at the anniversary of FIO Act, which dates back to 1766, it is the first freedom of information legislation in the modern sense. which is called the Principle of Public Access (Swedish: offentlighetsprincipen) in Sweden. 24th of August, we have presented our platform in Umeå Hacker Space and we took part in the sestercentennial – 250th! – Anniversary for the adoption of legal guarantees for freedom of information and a free press in Sweden. It was run by Swedish National Library. If you would like to read English translation of Anders Chydenius FIO text, Swedish parliament abolished censorship of books and newspapers and required authorities to provide public access to all official records with the passing of ”His Majesty’s Gracious Ordinance Relating to Freedom of Writing and of the Press” please click here. You can also see other contributors’ articles on the same topic.


We created training materials for Open Data with CC license with the help of Wikimedia Sweden, Asmen Gul and Valentin Brutaru run the project and we are glad to have this materials that will be base for our future education activities.

We have new project members Malin Isaksson and Julia Navrén. Both will work for the – A Digital Quality Index for Press Freedom and Freedom of Information Act. It is about digital journalism and about to build relationships and networks and infrastructure for media organizations and the public in Sweden make it easier to view the quality of the principle of public access. It is funded by InternetFund (internetfonden). You can follow progress of this project via

In both projects, OKAwards and, Merxhan Emini was our lead in our IT team. His IT and software development skills added lots of value to our team.

A twitter during Serdar Temiz’s presentation

OKSweden joined Engaging Privacy, ISOC-SE, OKSE, DFRI, och IIS and prepared  two days program on  privacy and integrity tracks at Sweden’s Biggest Internet event, Internet days organized by The Internet Foundation In Sweden. The keynote speaker of the event was Edward Snowden, of course, he could not be present in Sweden in person, but thanks to digital technologies he could deliver his speech. In one of parallel tracks the team had, Chairman of OK Sweden did presentation on Data Privacy, Corporates, and States

and OKSweden member FragaStaten’s Project Manager Mattias Axell facilitated workshops for better privacy practices in business and public organizations on both days of the event on 21st and 22nd of November. You can read more about the schedule of the event from here.

We are part of a pan EU project CLARITY and we are in the first year of two-years of the project. Its name is CLARITY where project will support European Member States in their pursuit for greater trust, transparency, and efficiency within their open eGovernment initiatives and highlight best practice within this field. We have worked hard and in the first year we were team leader of several tasks. Serdar Temiz is Project Manager of OKS part of the packages and in addition to him OKSweden’s Outreach Manager, Toni Mickiewicz who is expert in these type of EU projects,was the most active person in the project at OKSweden

Discussion during workshop

Until now we have several deliverables and conducted many activities in regards to project as listed below. Please do not hesitate to read and give us feedback and feel free to join us on our website, as well as social media – twitter and LinkedIn group. If you are interested to be in our contact list, drop us a line. This is what Clarity Team has done:

  • We have conducted a stakeholder analysis within the open eGovernment ecosystem.
  • We have analysed the key drivers in the up-take of open eGoverment services in Europe
  • We have conducted a needs assessment of societal, public sector and industry and market needs when it comes to the up-take of open eGovernment services.
  • We held a Development Sprint Event in Amsterdam in December 2016, where four teams developed blueprints for 4 new open eGoverment services.
  • We have held two foresight focus groups with stakeholders in Sweden and Spain, and will host a third group in The Netherlands in March. Results will be in a forthcoming briefing paper on “Considerations for the take-up of open eGovernment services in Europe” – due in March 2017

White board with session results

We also have an announcement, we are working on our new organization, now we have our first Executive Director, Fredrik Sjöberg, who brings his many years of project and team management skills to our team. OKSweden believes that with Fredrik’s management and contribution; we OK Sweden will be more effective and productive.

What are we planning great projects for 2017, you will hear more from us, more to come.

Stay tuned!




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