How Handelsbanken Can Provide Better Service with their DebitCard

I do not know what to do because I recall that I complained about it  via customer support but nothing changed. I think it is better that I write it publicly, I start to feel that it became only way to make you aware about the situation.  Let me be clear: I am happy from HSB and how fast they are to send me a new card when I loose it, how I could get my first loan from them, and how I was happy from their service, especially from Anna from then Östermalms Office.

I have a credit card and debit card from HSB. I use debit-card for my online payments and small amount of payments. Since I used it for the internet payments such as hosting, domain names etc, I do not keep big amount of money at this account, but I have enough money in my other accounts that are not associated to this card. What I want this debit card is to work as debit card. If there is not money, I do not want any withdraws to happen from this card. Of course, sometimes I forgot that I have auto payments associated to this card, such as some monthly insurances, so companies notify me they could not withdraw money then I transfer money from my other account at the same bank, afterwards they can withdraw.

The catch here is, lets say I had some money, e.g 1000sek and some auto payments are made and I have 200 left, and I forgot about these autopayments and I still consider that I have around 1000sek there, then I try to buy something for 210 sek.  What I expect the card to do is Not to approve payment. Instead, bank approves but then charges me 100sek for overcharge. which means, to pay extra 10sek, bank charges me 100sek!. It is insane!. This is might look like a scenario but this is the thing could happen and happened to me sometime ago, I notified HSB for this and asked them NOT TO DO prove any payment. What recently happened was this: 223 SEK extra payment happened and bank charged me 100sek for it. It is like 40% of the actual interest for 1 day!. I noticed this the next day and I directly transferred money. Has bank not approved, I would use my other credit card or could transfer money via  mobile bankid and this would not happen.

As I mentioned, I want to repeat: Debit card should work as debit card, if there is NO money, it should NOT approve any payment!. May be they think this as an service, help to the customer but when customer’s total cost for a product to 350sek instead of 250sek, then it is not a service, it is unfair charging exercise.

Another suggestion is: As soon as limit goes some amount that user can define, you can send them sms or email notification so they are aware of this.

These are my 2 cents about the case.


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