Swedish Entrepreneurship Education Presentation for German Guests

I was invited to participate  BildungsLab education conference  in Stockholm. Invitation came on behalf of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (Nordic Countries Project) and International Institute of Sustainability Management (SRH-Hochschule Berlin). There were around 20 invited experts from both countries.  I think we had  productive and efficient discussions.

I was given an opportunity to do presentation on Entrepreneurship Education in Sweden, particularly at KTH-Royal Institute of Technology on the first day, when the event was at  SUP46 – Startup People of Sweden, the second day I was also asked to give feedback for the workshop discussion, which as at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. These pictures are from this event. I would like to thank Vivien Boche and Kai Glaeser for organizing this event, Gregg Vanourek for recommending me  to participate. Thanks Terrence Brown to ask me to do presentation  I am looking forward to next steps. Who knows, may be  we will met in Berlin, right?


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