Girls in Tech

What makes me happy is that when I see my old students coming to my courses as a guest and hold a session not only as a student who took the course but as an entrepreneur/innovator. I had this happiness because this time I had Dora Palfi visiting my lecture 7th of November at KTH.

I believe, education is elevator in society. A kid from poor family can elevate herself is s/he gets education. This is what I knew but Dora noticed a big problem: There is structural, visible and invisible against women which hinders women to be in tech. But, first hindrance comes when people are kid. It is easier for a guy to get into tech, and they got introduced with earlier. More importantly, technology based games, toys, tools are designed for guys.

Since DoraĀ  studiedĀ  Human Computer Interaction & Design and that user centered design & innovation has been the core of her work and she decided to use this knowledge with her co-founder Beatrice Ionascu to create programmable phone cases.

Why phone cases? Because they noticed that girls like to take photos. It is very early step to convert a device to use, as a device to learn ref: They do not exclude boys from their workshop but they focus on girls.

Dora explained how girls change their minds to be in computer science and electronics and how both founders felt amazing when they work with kids.

She also stated that if we want to have equal society and if we believe future is in tech, we need to have women in teach to have equal society. She brought the demo model to the classroom to show how their product works. Dora impressed the classroom, and I believe she is on to something very big. When she did presentation, her company was one ofĀ  one of 10 finalists of European Social Innovation Competition. Regardless of the the result, I think they are going to create hug impact on lives of tons of girls.

If you want to hear more about the company please check



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